NASW Social Justice Brief examines Trump immigration policy, sanctuary cities and child welfare

The Trump AdminSanctuaryCitiesThe Trump Administration policy of deporting large numbers of immigrants who are in the United States illegally is having a significant impact on the social work profession.

Staff from the National Association of Social Workers Arizona, California, New Mexico, New York City, Texas and National Office Social Justice and Human Rights department prepared a Social Justice Brief that looks at this issue.

The brief, “Intersection of Sanctuary Cities, National Immigration Policies, and Child Welfare Policies and Practice in the Trump Era,”
examines the Sanctuary Cities movement, immigration policies and how they impact child welfare. The brief also offers recommendations to make immigration policy more coherent to avoid long-time family separations that result in early childhood trauma.

For more information contact NASW Social Justice and Human Rights Manager Mel Wilson at



  1. Organisations like these NGOs who are actually working for the very well being of our society are just doing such a more amazing job, with out even expecting any other thing in its return; to be really honest not every one could ever do that. Thanks giving to these excellent and outstanding NGOs.

  2. I have a question after reading the brief: where is the recommendation for how to pay for all of the brief’s recommendations?

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