NASW Kentucky Chapter urges Sen. McConnell to end longest government shutdown in U.S. history



The National Association of Social Workers Kentucky Chapter (NASW-KY) urges Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell to end the longest shutdown in U.S. history by putting the House-passed appropriations bills to vote today.

NASW-KY Executive Director Brenda Rosen said:


“Ending the shutdown needs to be the number one priority for our ‘elected’ officials so we can get our citizens back to work and paid as soon as possible. Social workers around the country are deeply concerned about the continued impact on our individuals and families facing financial insecurity. In Kentucky, over 35,000 federal workers and their families are faced with the task of seeking public and housing assistance, food banks, and unemployment benefits in order to survive the shutdown. As a representative of Kentucky, it is imperative that Sen. McConnell keep the best interest of his constituents and the lives of over 800,000 federal workers and their families his top priority. We cannot stay silent in the face of watching our American citizens held hostage in exchange for funding President Trump’s political agenda. As social workers, social justice is one of our six core values and we believe it is unjust to undermine our own people for a political agenda.”

NASW-KY encourages everyone to contact Senator McConnell and ask him to end this manufactured crisis.



  1. It is hoped the bi-partisan committee appointed by President Trump today will listen to the Border Patrol experts and build a sound plan for protecting us and then develop immigration reform that keeps us safe and welcomes people to our great country.

  2. Why is the word “elected” in apostrophes? Every member of the U.S.House. U.S.Senate, the Vice President and the President was duly elected to his/her office by registered voters.

    BTW, border security IS the top priority for the furloughed government workers as it is for all U.S. citizens.

    Private funds close to $20 million are going to help private landowners at the border build their own walls. We are moving ahead.

    NASW should announce how they are helping furloughed workers in both public and private sectors, instead of mere political postering.

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