NASW urges members, organizations to oppose Trump Administration’s proposed lowering of poverty line

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The Trump Administration has proposed changes that will lower the federal poverty line. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is requesting comments, before June 21st. Submit comments with OMB.

The poverty line is adjusted each year for inflation. The poverty line is extremely important for some of the clients who social workers serve because it is used to determine eligibility for a variety of programs they need to survive, including food assistance, health care and home heating aid. Millions of moderate-income Americans also qualify for health insurance premium subsidies if their incomes are between 100 percent to 400 percent of the poverty line.


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) submitted comments to OMB: NASW OMB Poverty Measurement Comments 

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  1. How many of you who have posted here actually read the rule proposal and submitted your comments to OMB?

  2. Lowering the poverty line will only hurt marginalized people even further creating an even more unstable society. The late senator Paul Wellstone said,” when we’re all doing better, we’re all doing better”. I challenge this Administration to look at the long and short term consequences, and then to take actions that are going to directly result in a better and working Society for all. Instead of institutionalizing more obstacles create a thriving Society. Be bold, courageous, and decisive and behave in a way that shows compassion and stewardship for the earth and the inhabitants upon her.

  3. I ask why you all are getting mad when you don’t even help people that actually need help. I see tons of people walking around with assistance for everything while they have jobs, driving expensive cars, talking on expensive phones, and all of their kids have phones, etc. Yet, a very close friend of mine lost his job, and was out of work for over half a year. He couldn’t qualify for anything at all because “when he was making money…he made too much to qualify.” Excuse me, what? Well, he wasn’t asking for assistance when he was making money. Yet, when he was making ZERO income at all…well, too bad? Is that how it works?

    The ONLY way this man didn’t lose everything he had was because myself and his parents paid his bills, rent, bought him food to survive, and I even loaned him my car when I could because he let the tags on his car expire due to food, rent and bills being more important than him being able to drive his car.

    PLEASE, explain to me how you HELP people in need, but let this type of thing go on?

  4. We already have to many people struggling. The only reason he would lower the poverty line is to deny access to people for assistance and also to be able to say “While I was president there became less poir people.”

  5. We are talking the poorest, most vulnerable population. As it stands, basic needs are not being met. This is cruel.

  6. I am a social worker. I am a student. I will not accept the way our government treats our citizens. As a social worker, we are taught to do least harm. Lowering the poverty level will harm so many more people in our country. It saddens me that our government will let people suffer. Everyone deserves to have equal rights and means to live a life without distress, trauma, and pain. We need to raise the poverty line so that it is equal to a living wage.

  7. Bernice DeJesus

    Who would benefit from lowering the poverty line? Will it be those that live in poverty ? Trumps racism and other small minded proposals are all directed at propaganda for himself , making more money and notoriety. The majority of the families that I serve as a social work depend on the little bit of help that they get to survive and that is the bare minimum. Don’t allow this man to continue to get a way with these injustices.

  8. This is so f*cking insane and inhumane. This is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

  9. Jacquelyn Spencer

    This action will likely have many dire consequences for people who are already struggling to survive. Lowering the poverty rate will only serve to further harm the most vulnerable population, children. Community resources to assist low income families are already stretched thin. This is a cruel policy that amounts to a violation of human rights.

  10. It is extremely important to the most vulnerable members of American society that the poverty level not be lowered. Too many of our nation’s youngest members are already struggling due to lack of access to basic human rights including food, shelter, and clothing. Lowering the number of individuals who have access to services will increase the number of individuals who end up on the street or incarcerated, which causes a further drain on national resources. As a nation, we need to provide access to services, especially mental health services to help these most at-risk individuals better themselves and their opportunity for success. It is imperative that the poverty level NOT be lowered.

  11. Theresa Meeks-Mosley

    This is despicable and unconscionable. These are the neediest individuals in our society and you are hanging them out to dry. I work with children living in poverty every day and this makes me sick to my stomach. America, have a heart!

  12. Please do not lower the federal poverty line. In California this is way below the ability to survive already.

  13. Margaret Turner

    Tax the wealthy. Do not hurt the poor.

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