NASW Ohio Chapter Statement: Alleged Facebook killer is not a Social Worker

Robert Godwin. Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Robert Godwin Sr. Photo courtesy of Twitter.

We are deeply troubled by the killing of Robert Godwin, Sr. in Cleveland and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family. We’re now hearing that local news media have referred to the shooter, Steve Stephens, as a social worker.

While Stephens is a case worker at Beech Brook, the licensing board’s website  confirms that he is NOT a licensed social worker. In Ohio, the title “social worker” cannot be applied unless an individual is licensed by the state. If you see a reference to his being a social worker, please alert NASW Ohio and contact the source for correction.


  1. DeAnna, MSW (NC)

    My thoughts and prayers go to ALL, the Godwin and the Stephens family and the community.

  2. My prayers are FOR the loved ones, to God. Blessings to all….

  3. I hope NASW sent this statement to the Associated Press and other major news outlets. Thank you for verifying and my prayers go to Mr. Godwin’s loved ones and the loved ones of Steve Stephens.

    • That article refers to him as a Vocational Specialist and a former youth mentor. I don’t see where he is identified as a social worker. He did work at a behavioral health agency – Beech Brook. There are many that work at this agency that are not licensed social workers.

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