Social Workers at the Republican National Convention

Sep 6, 2008

Social workers were in attendance at the RNC.

“Nita Waddell, an alternate delegate from Hope, Ark., and retired social worker, said she liked McCain’s speech but that it was Palin’s address Wednesday that finally sold her on a ticket she had some misgivings about – mostly because of McCain’s support for campaign-finance-reform measures that conservatives view as an infringement on free speech.

“Palin made the difference, baby,” she said, stomping her feet and clapping.” –

“Alternate delegate Catherine Starks of Livonia, a retired social worker, agrees that the values of the Republican Party should appeal to other African-Americans as they do to her. She switched parties 12 years ago, “because of what the Republicans stand for — life, moral standards.”” – The Detroit News

“After a life of much involvement within the Republican Party, Albert Lean Tom Schleck is getting the opportunity this week to be involved with the Republican National Convention. Working as a volunteer security member at the convention, each night he is being assigned to a specific gate to work as a supplement to the Secret Service, Schleck said.

In 2007, he retired from his position as a social worker for Freeborn County after 36 1/2 years of service. He was responsible for the county’s chemical dependency program.

He said his involvement with the Republican Party stems back as far as the 1964 presidential election when he supported Barry Goldwater. Schleck was 19 at the time.” – Albert Lea Tribune

If you are a social worker who attended the Republican National Convention and you would like to share your convention experience, please email us.