August Recess Town Hall Meetings on Health Care Reform

Aug 6, 2009

During the August Congressional recess, your member of Congress may be hosting a Town Hall Meeting. We would like you to go to the Town Hall Meeting and talk to your member about Health Care Reform.

While many Members of Congress notify constituents of Town Hall Meetings, you can join NASW’s Advocacy Listserv to receive notices regarding planned meetings by your members of Congress. Join the NASW Advocacy Listserv here. You can also go to, search for your member of Congress, and find the district office phone number to call for information about Town Hall Meetings.

Here are some talking points on Health Care Reform

  1. Pass health care reform now
  2. We want all people covered; national policy must ensure a universal right to insurance coverage for a continuum of health and behavioral health services.
  3. We want quality health care.  Health care reform must promote wellness, maintain optimal health, prevent illness and disability, ameliorate the effects of unavoidable incapacities, and provide supportive long-term palliative end-of-life care.
  4. We want health care that recognizes the need for social work services; social workers are an important part of the health care team.

You can also relate your personal experience with the health care system. Members of Congress love to hear real stories about what people face in their district.

After you attend the Town Hall meeting, it would be very helpful to NASW’s legislative efforts to have your feedback.  We can then follow up with the Member of Congress.  Click here for an online form or email

If you’d like additional information about health care reform and NASW’s efforts, visit our health care reform Web site page.

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