Michelle Obama and Military Families

Jan 29, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama has made military families a priority throughout her time in the White House. First, she thanked veterans and their families privately for their contributions. Then, she publicly stated her support alongside Dr. Jill Biden at the 2009 World Series.

Now, she has delivered the most meaningful contribution of all: a promise of funding. According to Mrs. Obama, a three percent increase in funding will be implemented to a wide range of military programs. Official information, including a video, can be found at the official White House website here.

This work comes on the heels of other White House announcements that not only benefit veterans, but social workers as well. For example, one year advanced funding for the Veterans Administration was authorized by President Obama in October. Multiyear budgets can help social workers understand their job security within the VA’s employment structure.

Additionally, The White House has announced the construction of 359 military facilities across the country, to provide our nation’s veterans with improved rehabilitation and support services. This was part of The Recovery Act, described in greater detail here.

All in all, the first year of the Obama Administration has witnessed important gains not just for military personnel and veterans, but for the social workers who serve them.

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