President Obama Signs Proclamation for National Volunteer Week

Apr 26, 2010

As social workers we often serve as volunteers and have volunteers serve with us. Volunteers are essential to the operation of so many non-profit organizations.  President Obama signed a proclamation for National Volunteer Week, April 18-24, 2010. In the proclamation, he states, “During National Volunteer Week, we honor the ordinary people who give of themselves to accomplish extraordinary things, and we encourage more Americans to strengthen our country by volunteering.” To read the full proclamation, visit the White House Web site. To find out where to serve in your community, go to

Focus on Gerontology: Managing the Aging Baby Boomers

Focus on Gerontology: Managing the Aging Baby Boomers

By Peter Craig The aging baby boomer population is reaching critical mass. In 2020, according to the Census Bureau, that group numbered some 73 million—the second-largest segment of the U.S. population after Millennials—with 55.8 million of boomers, or 16.8% of the...