Support Essential Extenders Legislation, H.R. 4213

Jun 11, 2010

Action Requested

Email your targeted Senator today and urge they support critical extenders legislation, H.R. 4213. Target Senators: Bayh (IN), Brown (MA), Collins (ME), Menendez (NJ), Nelson (NE), Shaheen (NH), Snowe (ME) and Warner (VA).



Congress has struggled for weeks over a sprawling “extenders bill” caught between conflicting needs to reduce deficit spending and extend several key expiring programs that meet essential human needs including: Medicaid state fiscal relief, extended unemployment insurance benefits, COBRA subsidies for the unemployed, TANF Emergency Fund and Medicare payments for Part B providers. The legislation, known as the “extenders bill” (H.R. 4213) stalled during Senate floor consideration this week, but it will return to floor consideration the week of June 14, 2010.


NASW has called on Congress to pass the key spending measures in the bill that directly impact social workers and the clients they serve. At the root of the delay is a controversy over the appropriate level of deficit spending necessary to finance the legislation. Both the Senate and House have found it extremely difficult to muster even very narrow majorities for passage. In late May, the House resorted to large cuts in the bill to pass its version, eliminating extenders for critical unemployment insurance benefits, COBRA subsidies for unemployed workers and Medicaid state fiscal relief. Currently, Senate passage is uncertain and resistance is coming from a few Democrats and all Republicans. More information about the legislation and the importance of the Medicare and Medicaid provisions for clinical social workers may be found on our website here.


Advocacy targets: Several Democrats have concerns about overall spending and tax provisions in the bill. They need to hear constituent support for the bill, contact: Bayh (IN), Menendez (NJ), Nelson (NE), Shaheen (NH), and Warner (VA). All Republican Senators are currently opposed, but at least one of their votes is necessary to pass the bill. Republican targets include: Brown (MA), Collins (ME), and Snowe (ME). If your Senator appears on this list, please email them with this message. Thanks for taking action!

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