NASW Supports School Mental Health Legislation

Feb 24, 2011

On February 17, 2011 Rep. Grace F. Napolitano and a panel of mental health advocates and experts, including LA Laker Ron Artest and champion boxer Mia St. John, will examine the Mental Health in Schools Act, a bill authored by Napolitano to allocate funding to mental health services in schools. One in five children and adolescents currently suffer from emotional and behavioral issues, but less than one third ever receives treatment. Professional mental health treatment delivered by clinical social workers and other qualified professionals can prevent depression, crime, imprisonment and suicide later in life, but slashed state budgets are leaving many youth more isolated than ever. The briefing will examine the potential effect of the Mental Health in Schools Act (supported by NASW) and hear from advocates who have been personally affected by mental health programs in their own lives. See NASW’s coalition letter of support.