NASW Supports Senator & Social Worker Debbie Stabenow’s Policy Record

Jul 18, 2011

Last week, The National Review posted an article entitled “Would You Let a Social Worker Handle Your Investment Portfolio?” attacking Senator Debbie Stabenow (MI), and specifically the Battery Innovation Act that Senator Stabenow recently introduced.  The Battery Innovation Act encourages businesses, local government and universities to collaborate on advanced science and engineering efforts related to battery production.  It is specifically designed to boost jobs and productivity throughout Michigan, a goal that TNR should laud rather than mock. 

Additionally, this attack implies that Senator Stabenow’s  social work training has somehow rendered her incompetent to serve on the Senate’s finance committee.  Would TNR prefer that only Members of Congress who specifically hold finance degrees make spending and investment decisions?  If anything, social workers have a uniquely helpful perspective on the importance of finances, since many of our members work with economically vulnerable members of society.

The National Review could have balanced their piece by including Senator Stabenow’s strong record of cutting taxes on property, small business and manufacturing, dating back to her time in the Michigan state legislature.  Such achievements are directly in line with The National Review’s own philosophy, and yet TNR chose to ignore them. 

NASW supports Senator Debbie Stabenow in her wide range of legislative achievements, and wishes The National Review could have been more fair and reasonable in assessing her significant and impressive policy record.