NASW Massachusetts on Trump Election: We are stronger together

Nov 15, 2016

Dear NASW Chapter Members,

I am reaching out to you on this cloudy Wednesday afternoon, November 9, 2016 as your Chapter President, your colleague and your friend.

The relief that we imagined would come with the election’s end has for many, been replaced by shock, terror, anger and heartbreak. For those who made their way out into the world to work, to parent, to teach or to learn this morning, the simple tasks of life and the landscape may feel changed, alien and unwelcoming.  They certainly have for me.

Allison Scobie-Carroll

Allison Scobie-Carroll

We may ask ourselves, “Who are we?” “Is this my country?”  While the election results represent what a large portion of our country believes is the path to “safety” and “economic stability”, the other, half of our great country, sought a different road; to an equitable and inclusive society where opportunity, safety and freedom would be shared by all of its people. That road has not been closed with this singular, albeit, threatening election result.

Throughout this election process, many dimensions of suffering impacting our country have been revealed while institutional structures that sustain economic and social inequity remain unchanged.  As social workers, who bear witness to struggle, social injustice, and intolerable pain, we will certainly be called upon to serve as a candle of hope, for our children and the many, many people that we serve.

Despite the fog of fear and grave disillusionment that has descended upon us today, I am committed to remaining engaged, to holding this new administration accountable and to championing the rights of all people – now more than ever.

As Social Workers and human beings, we need first, to come together to mourn, heal and support one another. We are stronger together and when ready, we must leverage our collective strength to mobilize. We are a powerful force for humanity and social justice, collaboration and inclusion.

Please know that your National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Chapter will:

  1. Reaffirm our commitment to pursue social and economic justice policies and legislation.
  2. Reinvigorate our advocacy efforts on behalf of transgender rights, de-incarceration, immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, and all in our state who lack access to the resources and care they need.
  3. Be vigilant about any effort to marginalize groups of people.

With 7,000 members in our state and 123,000 in the nation, we are a strong voice and a powerful constituency.

Please let us know what would make a difference for you. There are many ways you can get involved with the chapter, especially our Legislative Action Committee and shared interest groups – send an email to learn more:

Allison Scobie-Carroll, MSW, MBA

President of NASW-Massachusetts Board of Directors


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