Protect Health Care!

Jul 26, 2017

Senate Republicans yesterday moved one step closer to their goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act. The motion to proceed to debate on health care reform passed narrowly, 51-50, with the help of Vice President Pence’s tie-breaking vote. The vote cleared the way for 20 hours of debate, equally divided between Republicans and Democrats, on the Senate’s Health Care repeal and replace plan.

After three hours of debate last night, Leader McConnell called for a vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), highlighted in NASW’s previous alert. The Senate, ultimately, voted down the bill, 43-57. While the vote represents an early setback for Leader McConnell, it marks only the beginning of an intense and lengthy repeal and replace fight that will unfold over the next few days.

In fact, over the next couple of days the Senate Majority will offer a series of comprehensive amendments aimed at repealing the ACA and cutting funding to Medicaid. Leader McConnell continues to work behind closed doors to craft legislation that can garner the votes needed for passage, including talk of a slimmed down health care package – if all other options are exhausted.

Time is of the essence and your voice is needed now more than ever! As your Senators debate health care repeal/replace, NASW urges you to ACT NOW by emailing or calling their offices. In these final hours, we must continue to stand up to preserve access to health care services for millions of Americans.



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