NASW Kentucky Chapter Decries Protest Where Governor Hung in Effigy

May 27, 2020

Kentucky State Capitol

Kentucky State Capitol

Protestors gathered on the State Capitol Grounds in Louisville, KY on May 24 to protest restrictions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). An effigy of Gov. Andy Beshear was hung (at least one of those who participated in this heinous action was fired from his job). Here is a response from the NASW Kentucky Chapter.


Gov. Andy Beshear

100,000 people have died from COVID-19.  These numbers will continue to rise because some people believe it is their “right” to demand “freedom” in the face of those who are working nonstop to end this pandemic and save as many lives as possible.

The May 24 “protest” on the grounds of the People’s House in Frankfort was terrorism on Kentucky soil – not an example of peaceful protests  established by our 10th Amendment. This was not patriotism but cowardice.  As we celebrate the brave people and animals that have courageously fought and sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom, our freedom was violated by a small group of people who threatened the life of Governor Andy Beshear and the safety of his family.  Right here in Kentucky.  On American soil.

This virus is not about gun rights, which have been supported by our governor, especially during the 2020 legislative session with loaded weapons and face masks aplenty in the corridors of our Capitol, as well as gun stores being deemed “essential” during the pandemic.  It is about saving lives by adhering to a few simple measures to protect each other.

Our governor has been internationally recognized as a leader because of his calm and focused plan of action throughout this pandemic.  We should honor our governor’s role in saving lives and re-opening our state, not threatening his existence.

Make no mistake, this is about racism and the hateful history that some continue to choose to live by.  We denounce the hate groups that have destroyed the freedom of our people because of race, gender, and religion.  And we will continue to work with our elected officials to denounce the actions of yesterday’s deadly threat towards our governor, his wife and young children.  Kentucky, we are better than this…