NASW South Carolina strongly opposes legislation to repeal social work licensure

Jan 19, 2023

South Carolina State House

The National Association of Social Workers South Carolina Chapter (NASW-SC) is strongly against the proposed House Bill 3515, also known as the “Entrepreneur Freedom Act.”

The purpose of this bill is to repeal and do away with licensure for social workers and many other professions in South Carolina. We fought so hard for licensure in this state and will not allow it to be taken away.

Licensed social workers, like other mental health and health care providers, are regulated professionals who require a vigorous education, ongoing professional training, and adherence to a strict NASW Code of Ethics.

Social workers offer specifically guided health care and community support services that require expertise, professional competencies, and constant ethical vigilance.

Repealing our licensure would allow anyone to call themselves a social worker. This impacts our ability to be fairly compensated for our services and endangers clients who might seek help from unqualified and untrained individuals.

This bill is dangerous to our profession and to the people who count on us. H3515 is now in the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee.

Our job now is to take action! Call your representative today and demand they Vote NO on H3515. To find your representative go to the South Carolina Legislature website.

We cannot and will not rest until this bill is stopped! If you are interested in other way to combat this bill, contact the South Carolina chapter office.

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