NASW Press Reads for Choice, Strength, and Autonomy

Jul 1, 2022

NASW Press Reads for Strength, Autonomy, and Choice!

Disability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health: A Social Work Perspective by Kristen Faye Linton, Heidi Adams Rueda, and Lela Rankin Williams

In this book the authors compile comprehensive research and candid interviews with social workers to explore the complicated intersection of disability and sexuality. TheDisability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health: A Social Work Perspective book begins by detailing historical violations of the sexual and reproductive rights of people with disabilities, including forced castration and sterilization.

It then explores current issues of sexuality and disability throughout the life course, starting with childhood and adolescence. The authors examine the increased risk of abuse and victimization that people with disabilities face while in romantic or sexual relationships and provide practice recommendations to help combat factors that contribute to this vulnerability.

Earn 3.5 CEUs for reading this title!

Developing a Sense of Self: A Workbook of Tenets & Tactics for Adolescent Girls by Dorothy A. Kelly

Developing a Sense of Self: A Workbook of Tenets & Tactics for Adolescent GirlsA unique and useful guide for adolescent girls to learn about self and how to make a positive difference in today’s society. Developing a Sense of Self focuses on communication, doing what’s right, and finding your center. It also encourages girls to learn about inspiration, strength, and courage to dream and to live a productive life. This book is designed to generate thought and self-discovery. The process of critical thinking can facilitate insight, direction, and perspective. Overall, Developing a Sense of Self emphasizes the whole being of a person—mind, body, heart and spirit.

Reproductive Decision Making: Acting to Help Clients by Melissa M. Bell and Sherie L. Edenborn

Social work professionals are uniquely positioned to discuss reproductive decision making (RDM) with their clients. However, social workers often find itReproductive Decision Making: Acting to Help Clients difficult to address topics such as family planning in their practice. This book is a brief guide providing RDM tools and strategies for busy social workers.

Grounded in social cognitive theory and the theory of planned behavior, this book uses case examples based on real-world research and situations to connect readers with the material, emphasizing patient-centered approaches that prioritize client self-determination. By filling an important gap in available resources for practitioners, this book will improve social workers’ confidence in providing RDM guidance and advocacy.

Earn 3.5 CEUs for reading this title!


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