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Feb 2, 2023

Celebrating Black Voices and History
Mentoring Women for Leadership: Empowering the Next Generation

Women are no strangers to leadership. Across multiple disciplines, women have built and maintained organizations, created social justice movements, governed with compassion, and brought order where there was once chaos. Mentoring Women for Leadership can serve as a guide for educators, students, practitioners, and administrators to support the growth and development of female leaders.

The book includes a historical, global overview of women in social work, political, social justice, and other leadership positions. It provides theoretical frameworks and practical knowledge and skills related to leadership development, including the pipelines and pathways for preparing and supporting women in leadership. Earn 4.0 CEUs for reading this title!


In the past 30 years, the United States has undergone an unprecedented and accelerated growth in the diversity of its population. These changes affect all elements of our society, underscoring the need for an informed and knowledgeable public that can understand, respect, and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds.

Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Identity

Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and identity discusses the relationship between race, ethnicity, sense of self and the development of individual and group identity. It further explores the question of who we are and who we are becoming from the perspective of our multicultural, multilingual, and globally interconnected world. This book offers readers the opportunity to examine the importance of ecological and environmental factors in defining how we experience our lives and the world around us.


Poverty and financial insecurity can have devastating consequences to one’s physical and mental health, even threatening basic survival. During these challenging economic times, social workers have an opportunity to empower those at risk.

Empowering Clinical Social Work Practice in a Time of Global Economic Distress

Empowering Clinical Social Work Practice demonstrates that strengths-based interventions can be a powerful antidote to the destructive forces of poverty and adversity, and ultimately lead to resource mobilization and empowerment. Through case studies and active learning exercises, students can practice applying the skills they have learned in each chapter. Earn 6.5 CEUs by reading this title.


For far too long, the huge contribution of African Americans to the social work profession has been relegated to little more than a footnote. The truth is, these forward-thinking individuals enhanced the quality of life within and outside their communities for generations. Their stories have never been told. Until now.

African American Leadership

Sixteen painstakingly researched chapters, written by social workers, highlight the distinct roles of African American social work pioneers from the 1890s through the 1940s. African American Leadership discusses the birth of social welfare activities, both informal and formal, and introduces founding members of organizations such as the National Urban League and the National Association of Colored Women. Written from a social work perspective and framed within a historical context, these profiles and their accompanying lessons help today’s practitioner make the connection to current issues.


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