2007 NASW Pioneers Program and Luncheon

Nov 27, 2007

More than 80 NASW Social Work Pioneers and guests attended the third annual NASW Pioneers program and luncheon on October 20, 2007, at the Women’s National Democratic Club in Washington, DC.

Bernice Catherine Harper was Chair of the planning committee with members Catherine Harris, Beryl Carter Rice, Joan 0. Weiss, Kenneth S. Carpenter, Jessie Smith, Elizabeth Watkins, Steve Hornberger, Norma Gray Jones, and Barbara Soniat. The theme of the program was “Thinking Globally: Living Locally in the 21′ Century.”Ruth I. Knee brought greetings to the group as did NASW President Elvira Craig, Jessie Dowling Smith reported on NASW’s Legacy Project. She reported that approximately $7500 in donations was received during 2006-2007 for the Legacy Project, which was half of what had been received the previous year. Ruth Knee indicated that 27 Pioneers had been nominated as Pioneers during the year, 8 of whom were in attendance, including Joan Levy Zlotnik, Steve Hornberger, Patricia Martin-O’Meally, Laura Morris, David Kennedy, Samiora Beckwith, Milagros Tecala and Janet Williams. She also indicated Pioneers Del Anderson, Glenn Allison, Barbara Hodges, and Janet Sainer who died during the year.

Beryl Carter Rice introduced the speaker of the morning, Carl G. Leukefeld, DSW, Professor, Department of Behavioral Science, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky. Dr. Leukefeld spoke on the program theme, “Thinking Globally: Living Locally in the 21′ Century.” Joan Levy Zlotnik, PhD, was the discussant. A panel after lunch discussed “Meeting Basic Human Needs Through Practice, Research, and Professional Education”. Panelists included Douglas D. Glasgow, PhD, Helen Z. Reinherz, PhD, Honorable Tommy Wells, and N.G. (Cindy) Jones, PhD.

Pioneers traveled from California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia, New York, Boston, Maryland, and the District of Columbia to attend the meeting. Several were heard to say “I want to come back again next year” which pleased the day’s planners. Several times throughout the day those attending were encouraged to view the NASW Foundation’s Pioneer website, and to continue to send nominations for new Pioneers to the Foundation office.

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