NASW’s Letter to the Editor of Newsweek on “Get Shrunk at Your Own Risk”

Jun 14, 2007

Dear Editor:

In “Get Shrunk at Your Own Risk,” Sharon Begley notes some important research in the field of psychotherapy. While these studies point out some cautions to mental health counseling, we at the National Association of Social Workers feel that this article may be doing a disservice to those in need of assistance.

By demeaning all methods of psychotherapy, Ms. Begley degrades the valuable benefit that many receive from traditional psychotherapy and the qualified professionals who provide those services. Social workers have been providing mental health services for more than 100 years and are licensed in each state. While this may not have been the intent, this kind of article may deter those who are in need of counseling from receiving the important and effective services they need.

Elizabeth J. Clark, PhD, ACSW, MPH
Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers