Obama watches from KC social workers’ home as wife addresses DNC

Aug 26, 2008

The Kansas City Star reports that Barack Obama watched his wife address the Democratic National Convention Monday night at the Brookside home of social workers Jim and Alicia Girardeau.

The Girardeau family, who has a neighbor on Obama’s campaign, had 28 hours’ notice that the Obama’s visit could happen. They didn’t know for sure until Monday morning.

They unplugged their phone and kept their 10-year-old home from school so they wouldn’t tell anybody. Alicia said she didn’t have to do too much cleaning or rearranging to make room for everybody.

Jim: “I was nervous about just chatting with the possible president of the United States.”

Alicia: “It was such a privilege to be there with him while he was watching his wife give probably the most important speech of her life. You felt like you were witness to some really intimate, private moment.”

Both are or have been social workers.

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