What can be done to raise social work salaries?

Mar 1, 2019


During Social Work Month in March, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is beginning a conversation on how to raise the salaries of social workers.

Despite social workers’ invaluable contributions, their salaries continue to lag behind those of other helping professions such as nurses, police and high school teachers, according to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics.

In March 2019, NASW Social Work Talks podcast will feature social work experts who will talk about the salary issue, including factors that contribute to lower salaries and what can be done to address them. We invite you to listen to these conversations and leave your comments here. A new podcast episode will appear each Tuesday in March.

Thank you for listening and for sharing your views on this important issue!

Episode 28: Negotiating Your Salary

Episode 27: Suze Orman – How Social Workers Can Get Smarter About Money

Episode 26: Increasing Social Work Salaries in NYC

Episode 25: Social Work Salaries with Michael Sinclair, MSW, PhD

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