Help Establish the National Women’s History Museum

Sep 21, 2012

The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) has created a petition asking Congress to allow them to build on the National Mall. Established in 1996, NWHM has not been able to establish a permanent physical site— to some extent due to Congressional inaction. NWHM has been petitioning for the right to build on the Mall since 2003, and with only one vacant site remaining at the Mall, it is urgent that Congress act now. The museum will be built using private funds and will not require taxpayer expense. The petition can be found here.

The National Women’s History Museum seeks to highlight women’s contributions and achievements throughout history, which have generally been overlooked by mainstream history museums. Once a physical location has been established, NWHM will showcase the experiences and accomplishments of women using innovative and engaging means, including permanent and online exhibits, educational programs, and outreach efforts. The establishment of the NWHM would be an important step in recognizing the influence that women have had throughout history and help to combat the underrepresentation of historical female figures present in museums across the nation.

Hawaii Chapter Steps Up to Help After Maui Wildfires

Hawaii Chapter Steps Up to Help After Maui Wildfires

By Alison Laurio Wildfires on Hawaii’s Maui Island in August killed at least 114 people, forced tens of thousands of residents and tourists to evacuate, and devastated the historic resort city of Lahaina. Major news outlets on August 21 called it the “deadliest U.S....