Confronting Antisemitism: A call for action as we celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month

May 17, 2023

This May, NASW is proud to recognize Jewish American Heritage Month and to celebrate the history, culture, and contributions Jewish Americans have made to the United States and the social work profession.

As the country grapples with an alarming increase in violence, vandalism, and harassment against Jewish people and Jewish institutions, NASW stands with the Jewish community, calling for renewed efforts to prevent violence, threats, and intimidation against Jewish individuals and institutions and reasserting its commitment to fight antisemitism in all its forms. 

Jewish Americans have been leaders in the fights for civil rights, free speech, reproductive rights, women’s health, LGBTQIA2S+ rights, public health, mental health, and efforts to end homelessness, poverty, racism, discrimination, and violence. 

At NASW, we know that social workers recognize and embody these same values and goals. We also know that it is not just the Jewish community that is at risk from antisemitism. Hatred, discrimination, and prejudice against one community opens the door for hatred, discrimination, and prejudice against any community.

History has tragically taught us that time and time again. But it has also taught us that the inverse is true – that when we stand together, when we call out hatred and bigotry and divisiveness for what they are, we can stop those things in their tracks.

This Jewish American Heritage Month, NASW encourages all Americans to come together in the fight against antisemitism and all forms of hatred, and to honor the rich diversity that is the strength of our nation.


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