Winners of the NASW Social Work Month 2016 Multimedia Contest

Mar 29, 2016

During Social Work Month the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) invited social workers to enter a Multimedia Contest and use photos, video, audio and other media to show how they demonstrate this year’s theme “Forging Solutions out of Challenges.”

Social workers at NASW’s headquarters judged the entries and picked a winner in the video/audio category and the photo category.

We are pleased to announce that the contest winners are Sarah DeMaison, a member of the NASW North Carolina Chapter, for her photo entry “Live Strong,” and Jessica Luzincourt from NASW Central Florida and ISocialWork for her short video, “How Do You Social Work?”

Congratulations Sarah and Jessica! Here are your winning entries:


How Do You Social Work?


Jessica Luzincourt, BSW, CNP

Jessica Luzincourt, BSW, CNP. Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

You can watch the full video here.

Live Strong

John Matthew "Matt" Beck

John Matthew “Matt” Beck

Sarah DeMaison, MSW, LCSW. Photo courtesy of LinkedIn.

Sarah DeMaison, MSW, LCSW. Photo courtesy of LinkedIn.

I call this picture “Live Strong”. This is my husband John Matthew “Matt” Beck ; survivor of childhood cancer. Optimistic outlook on life. Always positive. Focused. Zest for life. He lived in the moment.

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer (unrelated to the cancer he had as a child) on July 10, 2015 and passed away just 18 days later. Even at the end of life he stated, “I know this will take my body, but this will never take my soul.”

When we were married on October 10, 2014 I bought him a shirt that said “Real Men Marry Social Workers.”

As a change agent, refusing to settle for what I was being told by a hospital, refusing to settle for a particular hospital who never had a treatment plan in place for my husband; I worked to have him airlifted out of that hospital to another hospital in a different state.

I worked with the surgeon; because no one else would speak up; not even the family of my husband. There was not another social worker to assist with the discharge; just the surgeon and myself to give my husband a chance. I advocate and educate and I educated many people in that particular hospital on how important it is to treat others; to care for others. You never know when someone’s spouse might be a social worker.

This is how I want him to be remembered. In this picture, it reminds me and encourages me to continue to do what I do To continue to speak up for those who are afraid; who are uncertain; who are unsure of themselves. To ask questions; to not just “settle” for an answer in order for me to stop asking so many questions.

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