Read Metari Garza’s Social Work Month Poem “Stand Up”

Apr 11, 2017

Metari Garza

Metari Garza

Social Worker Metari Garza has been serving veterans for seven years. She is also a writer of poetry and a spoken word artist.

During Social Work Month Garza, LCSW, CCM, shared her poem “Stand Up” with other staff at the VA North Texas Health Care System. The chief of Social Work Services then shared it with our national VA leadership. Garza said she has gotten much positive feedback on the poem and wanted to share it with other social workers.

Here it is:




Change Agent



Care Manager


These are just a few titles that depict our Professional roles

But the words that stir people the most lie in so Many stories untold

They are the words that don’t end in 4 Letters Preceded by degrees

Compassion – Empathy – Integrity – Ethical – Kindness – Unbiased Spirit

These things cannot be taught or bought

For those we serve these are the qualities most Often sought

Stand Up

Since the beginning we’ve had to Stand Up

The time may not be convenient but had come

No more twiddling and fumbling with your thumbs

Courage is what we need

As we face Valley Lows and Mountain Highs

Keep your heads lifted and your eyes to the sky

Stand Up

Stand Up Sisters….Stand Up Brothers

Stand Up as if it was your

Daddy or Mother

Stand Up not just a special month or time of the Year

PUSH forward daily and have no fear

Stand Up for Women…Stand Up for Men

Stand Up for the


Out casted


And so called has beens

Stand Up to the “Isms”






Whatever the “Ism” or Opposition

Stand Up

Regardless of your position

Stand Up

Even if you feel you don’t belong

Stand Up

Doing what’s right will always conquer what’s Wrong

Stand Up

Colleagues the time is now

Let your voices be heard loud and proud

Stand Up

Even when it’s unpopular and crowd goes left

Keep moving to the Light…Stay on the side of Right

We’re all Soldiers on the front lines

Advocating for Veterans with determination and a Made up mind

We cannot be Stopped, Blocked, or Compromised

Just like fresh bread baking….Still We Rise

Stand Up

Stand Up for every




Elder or


Help to make their journey easier turning heartache Into a smile

For just wait….in a little while

One day you may find yourself in need

For someone to Stand Up for you indeed

Stand Up


Metari Garza is a Houston native who earned an MSW from the University of Houston in 2005.  Garza was inspired to enter social work by her great-grandmother, who advocated for Veterans services for her son after he returned from the Vietnam War. During her career Metari has worked mostly in health care, including work at a cancer care center. She has also worked in Child Protective Services and the foster care system and has enjoyed the challenges of helping people who are indigent, immigrants or disenfranchised. Garza is a U.S. Army Veteran who served as a training officer in the reserves for almost six years. Part of her duties included suicide prevention training to solders and their families. She has been married for more than six years and has two daughters ages five and 17 months. The newest addition to her family is a four-month-old“Chiweenie” ( Dachshund Chihuahua mix) named Gracie.
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