What our readers are saying: Military recruitment

Mar 12, 2012

NASW News Letters to the Editor:
Where there’s a will …

This letter is in response to Dr. Carol B. Sisco’s February 2012 letter “The
Military’s loss”. As I read Dr. Sisco’s letter I am reminded of my own
experience in joining the military, but with a much different outcome.

I was 56 years old in 2007 when I first contacted a recruiter for the Iowa
Army National Guard. Like Dr. Sisco I had many years of clinical experience and
also like Dr. Sisco was an avid runner, biker,  and cross country skier. Unlike
Dr. Sisco my recruiter was very willing to work with me to submit the necessary
waivers needed to enlist. It was not the easy process that I had envisioned;
seven months from starting the process I received my direct commission as a
First Lieutenant.

Based on the experience gained from working with me, my recruiter was able to
help two other behavioral health professionals, both who also needed age
waivers, successfully enlist in the Iowa Army National Guard.

I don’t know why the recruiter Dr. Sisco contacted was not willing to work
with her. I’m very happy the recruiter I worked with recognized the need for
behavioral health officers and was willing to work with me.  My recruiter’s
attitude was “where there is a will, there is a waiver.” I hope those of you who
want to put your experience and clinical skills to work to help members of
military can find a recruiter with the same attitude.

CPT Dan Grinstead, MSW, LISW, ACSW
Iowa City, Iowa

From the March 2012 NASW News