Hungry kids can’t learn

Aug 21, 2013

NASW News’ “Social Work in the Public Eye”

NASW member Evan King’s mantra is “hungry kids can’t learn,” she says in an article on King’s efforts to prevent hunger among students at Rowe Middle School in Oregon were recently recognized when she received the Advocate for Children Award, which the article says is the most prestigious award the Oregon PTA bestows.

Evan King

King, who is a social worker at the school, was recognized for establishing a lunch fund for Rowe students who don’t have lunch money, and for arranging a high-protein snack to be available to every student at the school. Carol Wire, Oregon PTA’s executive director, said the Advocate for Children Award is only given when someone worthy is identified, and it’s not given every year.

“Evan King exemplifies PTA values of collaboration, commitment, accountability, respect, integrity and inclusivity,” Wire says in the article. “She has made a commitment that no Rowe kids will go hungry and she has built a community network to assure that she can keep that promise. This kind of advocacy is an example to us all and Oregon PTA is proud to recognize her work in preventing hunger from derailing a child’s school success.”

From the July 2013 NASW News