NASW member helps others through Horses Healing Hearts

Nov 1, 2013

Some people think of therapy sessions with a licensed clinical social worker as sitting in an office on a couch and talking to the therapist, says an online article on But horses and therapy can go hand in hand, it says.


NASW member Linda Richards founded Horses Healing Hearts LLC., an alternative therapy option in Rolla, Mo.

Richards, a licensed clinical social worker, says in the article she has always been a horse lover and has been familiar with the idea of equine therapy for some time.

At Horses Healing Hearts, clients engage with the horses in structured activities that all take place on the ground — no horseback riding is involved.

“We’re taking the traditional office therapy and putting it out in the arena,” she said.

“Most people associate this therapy with riding — like with physical therapy,” she explained. “But with this, it is all on the ground. No one is riding. They are completing structured, interactive activities with the horses.”

Richards opened the doors of Horses Healing Hearts last year, and says she has had several clients.

“We have had some referrals through the schools, and we have the word out to other organizations,” she said.

From the NASW News’ “Social Work in the Public Eye” for October 2013.