February-March 2020 Issue of Social Work Magazine Featured Immigration Issues

Apr 6, 2020

sw advocates 2020-02 03 coverIn case you missed it, here are some of the features in the February-March 2020 issue of Social Work Advocates.

Top stories include:

Immigration: Social Workers Focused on Trauma-Related Impact

With so many immigrants and refugees experiencing trauma related to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, social workers are stepping up to help in various ways — from direct care to advocacy.

Health Care Transformation: National Academies Study Underscores Value of Social Work

A 2019 national consensus study recognizes the importance of addressing social factors for better health outcomes.

Social Work Pioneers Paved the Way for Today’s Accomplishments in our Profession

NASW President Kathryn Conley Wehrmann, PhD, LCSW, took part in an event celebrating NASW’s Pioneer program. She also recent became one of our Pioneers, who are recognized for their contributions to the profession.

Struggling Well

Social workers know that times of struggle can serve as a catalyst for growth and transformation. Every day, social workers help people find strategies for struggling well and help them understand there is hope, writes NASW CEO Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW.

More in the February–March 2020 digital edition:

  • Childhood Obesity: Social Work and the Epidemic
  • University of Alaska Anchorage: Going the Distance, Building the Child Welfare Workforce Pipeline
  • Experts Share Latest Trends in Addressing Domestic Violence
  • Salvation Army Retiree Continues to Serve Others Through Leadership

and more.

To see the full digital edition, please visit this link.

How Children Learn to Regulate Their Emotions

How Children Learn to Regulate Their Emotions

“Emotional intelligence is a term used to describe a person’s ability to understand, interpret, express and manage their own emotions, and to navigate interpersonal relationships with awareness, empathy and an appreciation for the emotional experiences of others,”...

The Intersection of Psychedelics and Mental Health Treatment

The Intersection of Psychedelics and Mental Health Treatment

By Sue Coyle The use of psychedelics for healing is not new. There is evidence that ancient civilizations throughout the world used psychedelics for a variety of reasons for a very long time, extending well into the modern era. In fact, in the 1950s and first half of...