What to know about grant writing and social work

Aug 5, 2022

Grant writingThe NASW Specialty Practice Sections webinar, Words with Friends: The Nexus Between Grant Writing and Social Work, provides an overview of grant writing strategies and techniques with emphasis on the written narrative portion of proposals for funding. It is available on demand at the Social Work Online CE Institute. The presentation includes how grant writing fits within an agency’s larger resource development activities. It provides ethical considerations in grant writing as well as an overview of a grant’s purpose.

In addition, the webinar explores the common structure of grant applications with examples; strategic considerations in deciding whether to submit a funding request; dos and don’ts in grant writing; the interplay between narrative development and budget development; and the inclusion of supporting documents. Attendees will:

  • Know the common structure for the narrative portion of proposals for funding.
  • Have the knowledge to assess new funding opportunities and to decide whether to proceed with a proposal for funding.
  • Have new tools to use in strategically developing proposals for funding.