How Children Learn to Regulate Their Emotions

Nov 28, 2023

photo of Michelle Felder

“Emotional intelligence is a term used to describe a person’s ability to understand, interpret, express and manage their own emotions, and to navigate interpersonal relationships with awareness, empathy and an appreciation for the emotional experiences of others,” says NASW-New York City member Michelle Felder, LCSW, who is quoted in an article on At its core, emotional intelligence for kids determines how well they can emotionally relate to others, according to the article, which explores ways parents can instill EI in their children. 

Among the tips to help foster EI is to create an emotionally healthy and supportive environment, the article says. Staying calm and present is one of the most supportive things parents and caregivers can do when children are experiencing big feelings, says Felder, founder of Parenting Pathfinders. 

“Children learn how to regulate their emotions by witnessing how we regulate our own,” she says.

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