Commemorate Social Service Workforce Week

Sep 21, 2015

Image courtesy of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance.

Image courtesy of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance.

The Global Social Services Workforce Alliance has a network of members in more than 70 nations who work to strengthen the social service workforce and improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

The National Association of Social Workers is one of the founding members of the alliance and sits on its steering committee.

This week the alliance is recognizing Social Service Workforce Week 2015. From September 21-25 the alliance  will release blogs that focus on the role of community level workers within a particular area of work, provide resources related to that work, and profile social service workers who are carrying out this work around the world.

Today’s blog entry from Global Social Services Workforce Alliance Coordinator Amy Bess, MSW, looks at the importance of child protection workers, child welfare committee members, volunteer children’s officers, para social workers and child and youth care workers in helping improve child welfare and strengthening families and communities.

The Global Social Services Workforce Alliance will also be posting messages on social media. You can follow them on Twitter @SSWAlliance and participate in discussions using the hashtag #SSWWeek. You can also post messages on the Alliance Facebook page.

For more information about NASW’s work with the Global Services Workforce Alliance contact Susan Rubin at



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