Social Work Speaks, 10th Edition

Mar 25, 2015

swSpeaksNASW Press has released the tenth edition of Social Work Speaks. The publication presents, in one comprehensive and unabridged collection, the policy statements adopted by the NASW Delegate Assembly in 2014. The Delegate Assembly, the key policymaking body of the National Association of Social Workers, meets every three years. Social Work Speaks is the result of the Delegate Assembly’s systematic approach to policy development and guides NASW’s advocacy efforts in social policy.

For social work policymakers, educators, students, and practitioners, this user-friendly volume can assist in developing organizational responses to policy issues, conducting policy analysis and study, and working in political action coalitions.

The 2014 Delegate Assembly approved 20 revised and expanded policy statements on topics ranging from affirmative action and early childhood care to health care and women’s issues. All the revised policy statements reflected in this new edition were last updated in 2005.

Social workers who want to be informed and involved in policy analysis, advocacy for social policies, or the formulation of future policy statements will find the 10th edition of Social Work Speaks a useful volume.

Furthermore, as Dr. Darrell P. Wheeler, NASW President, and Dr. Angelo McClain, NASW Chief Executive Officer, put forward in the new edition’s “Foreward”:

As readers use these statements, they may also want to consider the need for new policy statements to be developed or for an existing policy statement to be revised and approved by delegates between 2015 and the2017 Delegate Assembly. NASW members may submit their recommendations for new and revised policy statements at

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