Celebrate Black History Month With NASW Press: 20% Off Select Titles

Feb 1, 2021

Celebrate Black History Month With The NASW Press

Multiracial Cultural Attunement by Kelly Faye Jackson and Gina Miranda Samuels

In this book, Jackson and Samuels draw from their own research and direct practice with multiracial individuals and families, and also a rich interdisciplinary science and Multiracial Cultural Attunement by Kelly Faye Jackson and Gina Miranda Samuelstheory base, to share their model of multiracial cultural attunement.

Core to this model are the four foundational principles of critical multiraciality, multidimensionality and intersectionality, social constructivism, and social justice. Throughout, the authors demonstrate how to collaboratively nurture clients’ emerging identities, identify struggles and opportunities, and deeply engage clients’ strengths and resiliencies.

Sixteen painstakingly researched chapters, written by social workers, highlight the distinct roles of African American social work pioneers from the 1890s through the 1940s. The book discusses the birth of social welfare activities, both informal and formal, and introduces founding members of organizations such as the National Urban League and the National Association of Colored Women. Written from a social work perspective and framed within a historical context, these profiles and their accompanying lessons help today’s practitioner make the connection to current issues.

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Mentoring Women for Leadership: Empowering the Next Generation by Saundra Starks, Gayle Mallinger, Christa Countee-Gilliam, Haleavalu Vakalahi, and Cathryne Schmitz—Foreword by Mildred C. Joyner, President, National Association of Social Workers

The social work profession is not immune from the “glass ceiling,” and mentoring has been identified as a critical component to the leadership development process for women. In this unique book, the authors provide a guide for educators, students, practitioners, and social work administrators to support the growth and development of female social work leaders. It provides theoretical frameworks, practical knowledge, and skills related to leadership development, with special attention to Women of Color, including the pipelines and pathways for preparing and supporting women in leadership.


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