NASW Press Spring Reads for Renewal and Rebirth

May 3, 2021

NASW Press Spring Reads for Renewal & Rebirth

Faith-Based and Secular Meditation: Everyday and Posttraumatic Applications by Raymond Monsour Scurfield

Drawing on his 40+ years of meditation practice, experience as a Vietnam veteran, and decades of psychotherapy work with his clients, Ray Scurfield demonstrates how toFaith-Based and Secular Meditation: Everyday and Posttraumatic Applications introduce meditation into treatment for clients with posttraumatic stress disorder or everyday stress.

His 12-step method includes selecting a meditation technique that is best suited for each client, preparing for physical challenges during meditation, how to focus on breathing and manage inner and outer distractions, practicing together during sessions, and helping clients create a meditation routine. Learn more >>

Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addiction, Stress, and Pain by Eric L. Garland

Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addiction, Stress, and Pain Human existence can be beset by a variety of negative mental states such that life seems devoid of meaning, but it can also be liberated—a meaningful life reclaimed and savored through cultivation of a higher kind of mind. This quality, mindfulness, refers to both a set of contemplative practices and certain distinct psychological states and traits, and it can be cultivated through intentional effort and training.

In this book, Eric Garland presents an innovative program of intervention that can be put into practice by therapists working with people struggling with addiction and the conditions that underlie it. Unlike other substance abuse treatment modalities, which focus largely on relapse prevention, Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE) concentrates on helping people to recover a sense of meaning and fulfillment in everyday life, embracing its pleasures and pain without avoiding challenges by turning to substance use. Learn More >>

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