NASW Press Reads for Balance, Self-Care, and Connection

Jun 1, 2022

NASW Press June Reads for Balance, Self-Care, and Connection

Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work, 2nd Edition by SaraKay Smullens

The first edition of Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work was a breakout hit, providing a guiding light for those who were struggling. In the second edition, author SaraKayBurnout and Self-Care in Social Work, 2nd Edition, SaraKay Smullens Smullens has updated the text to reflect our evolving understanding of burnout. Once again, Smullens defines creative strategies for self-care and personal growth.

Human–Animal Interactions: A Social Work Guide by Janet Hoy-Gerlach and Scott Wehman

In this book, the authors provide a comprehensive examination of human–animal interaction (HAI) and its applicability to helping professions. The book Human–Animal Interactions: A Social Work Guidebegins with a detailed overview of HAI, analyzing its history; extensive biological, physiological, and social benefits; and associated risks and ethical concerns. Relational aspects of HAI are also considered, including the role of companion animals in family systems, the loss of companion animals, and the various contexts in which social workers may have to confront and address violence toward animals.

Faith-Based and Secular Meditation: Everyday and Posttraumatic Applications by Raymond Monsour Scurfield

Drawing on his 40+ years of meditation practice, experience as a Vietnam veteran, and decades of psychotherapy work with his clients, Ray ScurfieldFaith-Based and Secular Meditation: Everyday and Posttraumatic Applications, Raymond Monsour Scurfield demonstrates how to introduce meditation into treatment for clients with posttraumatic stress disorder or everyday stress. His 12-step method includes selecting a meditation technique that is best suited for each client, preparing for physical challenges during meditation, how to focus on breathing and manage inner and outer distractions, practicing together during sessions, and helping clients create a meditation routine.

Self-Care in Social Work: A Guide for Practitioners, Supervisors, and Administrators by Kathleen Cox and Sue Steiner

Self-Care in Social Work is a guide to promote effective self-care tailored to the needs of social workers, including both individual and organizational Self-Care in Social Work: A Guide for Practitioners, Supervisors, and Administrators, Kathleen Cox and Sue Steinerapproaches. On a personal level, it goes beyond the typical prescriptions to exercise, eat well, sleep more, and get a massage or meditate. In fact, the book is based on the premise that self-care should not be an add-on activity only happening in the rare instance there is some free time. Instead, it is conceptualized as a state of mind and considered an integral part of a social worker’s training.


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