NASW Press Reads for Economic Justice and Financial Management

Jul 1, 2023

NASW Press Reads for Economic Justice and Financial Management

We are all part of the economy. We all have contributions to make to the economic well-being of our communities. We all make decisions about how we conduct our economic lives based on our values and preferences. Economic Well-Being: An Introduction provides us with tools to accomplish these goals.

Economic Well-Being: An Introduction

As students of social work or other human services professions, it is essential that we understand how economic well-being—or the lack thereof—shapes people’s lives. To use a person-in-environment framework, we must appreciate the challenges faced by our clients, including their access to financial resources and their level of economic functioning. In this groundbreaking text, Deborah M. Figart and Ellen Mutari make the study of economic life accessible, applicable, and exciting.

Poverty and financial insecurity can have devastating consequences to one’s physical and mental health, even threatening basic survival. During these challenging economic times, social workers have an opportunity to empower those at risk.

Empowering Clinical Social Work Practice: In a Time of Global Economic Distress

Starting with a discussion of poverty and relevant global social policies, Empowering Clinical Social Work Practice in a Time of Global Economic Distress explores how economic distress exacerbates already stressful situations, and how those challenges surface in clinical practice. The ensuing chapters examine poverty and its impact on children and adolescents, older adults, adults with disabilities, veterans, immigrants, and other vulnerable groups. Financial insecurity is viewed through the lens of everyday clinical practice and how it interacts with trauma, attachment theory, psychopathology, and psychopharmacology.

Above the Bottom Line: Financial Management in Human Services

Above the Bottom Line: Financial Management in Human Services provides a guide for social work students and practitioners who must manage finances of human services programs and organizations.

This book is appropriate for social work students and practitioners making the transition from social work practice into administration. Within a broad “enterprise perspective” encompassing human services in public, nonprofit, and for-profit settings, the book addresses the need for a greater understanding of financial accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis to support all forms of human services delivery.


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