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  1. I’m concern about the how social workers will be impacted by the transitional demand to alter learning that was accepted stigmatized documented research in our institutions and documented in history books, in the bio/psycho/social text, and in our classrooms instructional institutions in which was perceive that any sexual behavior from the norm as deviant behavior. The need is not only to consider reparation to the affected population as rendering up source but for the social worker to undo a long history of learning for many professionals in the field who paid to learn that same sex is deviant and will pay again for the transitional unlearning that which I consider unfair because we will have to anchor the financial cost too. Consequently, these taught concrete pools of studies based on primary tools of reliable and verified information by the Sciences have to also alter what is in our text books and are now rendered unreliable works. Therefore, will there be addendums added to text books, the DSM Statistical Manuals, research articles and all researched information regarding the sexual nature pertaining to same sex relationships. … Are all areas of subject to be removed from years of studied scientific research, text books and from other the science field of study too. knowledgeable social work is to tailgate the law and transition for tolerance, and professional ethics to service but are all the areas of studies, the resources information and supportive tools deemed null and void regarding same sex relationships to be removed from our educational list of prerequisite/requisite program of studies? Need more not just apply alteration and bridge gaps …lot of money hwill and has been paid and when change is required as social workers we often pay out for change! rreyes, MSW

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