Government Relations Action Alert: Contact Your Members of Congress today about the Affordable Care Act!

affordableCareAct3The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) that has extended health insurance coverage and health services to millions of Americans is at risk.  In the second week of January, Congress passed a budget resolution and began the process to repeal the ACA without any replacement plan.  President Trump then signed an executive order on his first day in office to encourage federal agencies to minimize the impact of the ACA.

Repeal of the ACA, including Medicaid expansion, puts 30 million Americans at risk of losing health insurance coverage in the next two years and jeopardizes access to preventive services and access to mental health and substance use disorder services for all.  Protections, including coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, cannot be preserved if the ACA is repealed.  ACA repeal will have devastating consequences for the health of individuals and communities, and providers and organizations that provide health care and wellness services.

NASW is working in collaboration with organizations, advocates and members to preserve the ACA and the health gains that the United States has seen since its implementation.

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Action Requested

E-mail your members of Congress today to ask them to save the ACA.

Letter to Senators or Representatives

As a constituent, social worker and member of the National Association of Social Workers I am writing to urge you to save the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from repeal. Millions of Americans have gained health coverage thanks to the ACA and Medicaid expansion. People who suffer with mental health and substance abuse issues are particularly impacted by the ACA and its potential repeal.

Please maintain the ACA and find ways to improve it.



  1. The ACA has been a nightmare for many people, although it’s nice to read your stories here about its benefits to some. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted in the implementation and oversight of this law. The additional taxes imposed on health savings accounts, medical equipment and the purchasing mandate have harmed many. This law created impossible financial risk pools by underfunding from young healthy people that can’t cover the costs of people who actually need the insurance. Add the millions of dollars wasted on ineffective Accountable Care Organizations as well.

    Interstate commerce, tort reform, an open market with better choices of policies to buy….much better than the current ACA.

    • Please find ways to improve the ACA. The costs continue to climb creating financial hardship for those who don’t have enough income to match the yearly increases.

  2. Please find ways to improve the ACA. I have several family members that were not able to afford any type of insurance prior to the affordable care act. Please search your conscience on this. In God I trust.

  3. The ACA saved my father. He is an independent contractor and could not afford health insurance. Through the ACA, he was able to obtain insurance, he was able to complete medical exams, resulting in him being diagnosed with stage three thyroid cancer. He was able to get treatment and has been in remission for two yeears. He gets routine check ups with an ENT, and his health is being monitored. Without the ACA, my father would have not been able to beat cancer.

  4. In past 2 years our (my wife and I) premiums for the secondary Part B insurance and Part D coverage has been reduced and my copay for prescription drugs have come down. I am an 84 years old retiree and my wife is 80 years old retiree. We are sure this reduction is all due to ACA. Trump Administration and the Republicans are wanting to repeal it & replace it with something they do not know. Before they do that they should vote their medical coverage out and go in the market and look for medical covverage.

  5. Cynthia Mann LCSW

    We need the ACA at bare minimum!

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