Overview of Survey Participants – National Study of Licensed Social Workers

Overview of Survey Participants

The 2004 benchmark national study of licensed social workers provided a wealth of information about social workers’ roles and work environments. The study also raised new questions about the social work workforce that required further exploration. Although the 2004 findings pointed to a looming shortage of licensed social workers, there was still much to learn about why this was the case. In what ways did career decision points, educational debt, workplace stressors, and other factors influence the recruitment and retention of this professional workforce? The NASW Membership Workforce Study was an effort to respond to such remaining questions and to gain more insight into the social work workforce.

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  1. I have worked for 10 + years in the social work field. I love the field but the pay is aweful. I have considered going back to school for my master’s degree because I would like to do clinical social work and work with dementia care. The amount of time and money it would take to do that is incredible and I don’t see the benefit at this point. I am actually considering a career change because I still have a huge college debt to pay off.

  2. I’m currently trying to make my way through college to work towards a degree in social work. I would like to work in counseling. I’m currently looking to see what kind of jobs I can get with just with working towards my associates. I will graduate next Fall so I don’t have my associates degree yet but I want to get away from working in the food industry

  3. NASW Press has a brochure to members called, “Closing or Retiring a Private Practice: Tips to Help You Along the Way.” It can be ordered from the NASW Press or Distribution Center. http://www.naswpress.org/publications/brochures/retiring_private_practice/C914.html

  4. Margaret Spencer Koppen

    I am in desperate need of guidelines to close my practice immediately. I have asked for help all over and haven’t gotten what I needed. Can you help?

  5. loucricia brown

    As a director of Social Service I am having a diffucult time finding staffing.

  6. I am in the right field. I enjoy the work. I work for a County with youth up to the age of 22. I am a single woman. I am overburdened with debt due to getting an education to be here. The extra money I make being in this profession is used up by loan repayment. With the economy weakened, we are carrying many difficult clients. Paperwork continues to change and increase and is timely. I am paid hourly and although I appreciative what I do make, it does not reflect the responsibilities we have. Thank you for asking.

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