Join NASW at the Women’s March on Washington

womensmarchThe National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is organizing social workers for the January 21, 2017 Women’s March on Washington.

The March is an opportunity to show that women’s rights are human rights and that women, their partners and their children are ready to advocate for policies that affirm the value of women in society.

The March begins at 10 a.m.Eastern Time and will kick off in front of the U.S. Capitol at Independence Avenue and Third Street, SW. The rally will disperse at the southern part of the Ellipse near the White House, at Constitution Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets, NW.

Individuals interested in participating in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington can sign up through Eventbrite. You will be directed to the general March registration page, but as the organizer I will know you signed up and will be able to communicate with you directly about social work’s presence at the March.

Also, for those of you for whom Washington, DC is too long of a trip, some chapters will be working on mobilizing for local events. Please contact your chapter to find out about these efforts.

Any other questions can be directed to me at or 202-336-8218.

Thank you,

Dina L. Kastner, MSS, MLSP

NASW Senior Field Organizer


  1. This “peaceful protest” was fraught with curse words, f-bombs and verbal abuse toward counter protesters. The organizers refused to allow participation of liberals who are pro-life (sounds like many NASW members who declare political conservatives do not belong in the Social Work profession, as quoted numerous times by members on this blog).

    The “p–sy hats” and multiple references to women’s genitalia were also offensive.

    So much for inclusivity…..

  2. Pat Downing-Rasich

    As a social worker who has worked many years in the field, there is a concern that the new administration can adversely effect many of the progress that has been made for minorities and women! I worked in the public mental health mental health system, and there are concerns about the current cabinet pick by president elect trump for Heading the Department of Health and Human Services! There has been some progress in the attempt to not have the intense stigma of Mental Illness to continue. There is needed to be continued treatment and coverage of for the Mentally Ill! The March is to bring this concern and others to the attention of the new administration, so we don’t lose ground!

  3. Pat Downing-Rasich

    Some of the purposes of the March on Washington is to express our views and needs for the future! The new President Elect will be picking the next Supreme Court Justice! Possibly more than one! He has mentioned in debates that he is now pro-life, and he was pro choose before! The Supreme Court ‘s new cases can eradicate some of the social progress of women and other minorities . Also some of his choices for cabinet appointees are concerning regarding the environment! He doesn’t accept global warming and so progress in this are could be set back! His views expressed on minorities are concerning! Education needs to be enriched and I am hearing that the new Directir of Education promotes mostly charter schools and connecting with businesses as she has done in Detroit! Those schools are reported to be not of the quality of public education and even some other charter schools!
    So expressing concerns to our new administration in this March is a way to do it!
    Hope we are heard!

  4. Yes, it’s a protest of the perceived platform of the new Administration. Please note I said “perceived”. To date, the President-Elect has not proposed any changes to the current abortion laws, no change in women’s right to work and has brought large businesses back into the United States, ensuring jobs for thousands of workers.

    I respect the right to peacefully march and protest, which is the purpose of this event. I am also in awe of the amazing lady whose dream grew into this monumental event. I don’t agree with the premise of the march, but honor those whose passions will lead them on January 21st.

    Celebrating diversity of thought and being….I pray for our leaders.

  5. Is this a protest of some kind and linked to a protest ofvthe inauguration.

  6. Yes!!! Although I wish I was one among you, don’t count me out yet! I will advocate for our role representing CA NASW central coast unit!

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